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Lambretta recovery unit - Restoration page

So far the restoration has been slow, but we are starting to see the body lose some of its rust. I have found a 1600TP motor in good nick for a decent price (actually from a beetle of the same year). The main areas that need attention are the sills and the drivers side A- post area, as well as both the load bay floors.. 

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Some pics - with the body work in process

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And finally primed...

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Looks like I will leave it in primer till the hard work on the house is done and the get it sprayed 'proper'.. A couple more weeks to go till everything is connected and working (and registered).. Will still need to fix up the doors a bit, get seats recovered etc..

The latest update.. the bus is running (after gearbox overhaul) and was take on a run out to Harties with its brothers and sisters... this is the final product.. almost.

More pics