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Weblog / Diary

31 May - added another page of split stuff, still no respite from the forum hackers

 24 April - 1000 views, and the forum gets hacked... changed the contact page to try reduce spam

2 December - 500 views!

8 November - added the Gallery utility. Users can now upload pictures to the site all by themselves. I have abandoned the idea of creating a registry in favour of the gallery and forum option to try and get owners in contact with each other. I will transfer the pics I have to the gallery... Have put in a help page to explain a bit.

5 October - added the Rimini page

27 September - added the splitty restoration page and pics

22 September - added Mikes bike for sale. man its been awhile....

9 July - added more pics of Carlos's Scoots, more just keep appearing...

6 July - added Ant's pics and reorganised the registry page

1 June - added Max's bike for sale and updated owners page

9 April - put in a whole lot of low res pics of my scoots in current state

6 April - added the forum in. very excited, and surprised how easy it was. thanks pete

31 March - added the splitty page

13 Feb - added the outride page, with pics sent from Carlos

12 Feb - added mail forwarding page, and the weblog

Jan 2004 - eventually got round to putting a basic site together

Aug 2003 - purchased domain